4X World-Record Holder- Part 1 with Colin O’Brady

Collin O Brady

Colin O'Brady is an author, triathlon athlete, speaker, and an adventurer who is a four-time world record speed holder after conquering some of the largest and most terraneous mountains known to man. In 2008, Colin suffered a terrible accident resulting in 25% of his body suffering severe burns but instead of simply giving up, he decided to change his life to defy the odds. For the last 11 years, he has continued to hone his craft and explore new challenges while encouraging others to reach new heights.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Ed O'Keefe met Colin O'Brady
  • Where does Colin get his energy to conquer new heights from?
  • Colin discusses the toughest part of 29029
  • Colin recalls how he got started as an athlete
  • How Colin’s highschool years help define his vision and what he wanted to do as an adult
  • Colin shares the story of his accident and how it changed his mindset 
  • How Colin became a two-time world record holder
  • What are the skills a person needs to survive in the wilderness?
  • Colin talks about mounting Mt. Everest,the hardest part of that expedition, and how he celebrates his victories
  • Colin’s next expedition and how people can be involved in his next big challenge
  • The role of sponsors and media in Colin’s success
  • How Colin keeps himself going when facing physically and mentally challenging situations


In this episode…

What lies at the summit of the human condition? How can we push beyond our physical, mental, and emotional limitations to achieve our goals? Colin O'Brady takes on the world's largest mountains each year to challenge his mental and physical capabilities. And as he climbs each summit, he hopes to inspire people to push beyond their own limits and reach new heights.

Join Ed O'Keefe in this week's episode of Wake Up Minute as he talks with Colin O'Brady, a four-time world record speed holder, about his incredible journey from burn victim to breaking his first world record. Listen to these near-impossible feats as one man continues to push the limits to the highest summits the world has to offer. Stay tuned.


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