Awakening Your Mind and Strengthening Your Core with Mark Divine, Unbeatable Mind

Mark Divine


Mark Divine is a retired Navy SEAL, motivational speaker, a successful business owner, and author of several books. He is the founder of SEALFIT,, and Unbeatable Mind, where he helps athletes and both past and future Navy SEALS attain the body and mindset they need to change their lives. He dedicates his time to assisting others to awaken to their true-self and achieve their goals in life.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ed gives a brief introduction to Mark Divine and how he has changed his life 
  • Mark discusses the importance of the questions “Why” and “Why”
  • How can we best serve each other?
  • Mark teaches three techniques that have been beneficial to his life.
  • Why is it essential to win the battle in your mind?
  • Have you had your first real awakening yet?
  • How the loop of negativity can be destructive to your goals and aspirations
  • Mark emphasizes on the importance of meditation and visualization
  • The four things you can do every day to change your life
  • Why you need to control your breath and clarify your ego


In this episode…

Your mind is a powerful tool that allows you to rise to the mountaintop or sink to the valleys. By training your mind to recognize the changes in the environment and to act upon it, you can change your life. Mark Divine of Unbeatable Mind seeks to help you unlock your mind and reach your full potential with his integrated mental, emotional, and physical approach.

Join Ed O'Keefe in another episode that features an inspirational and motivational entrepreneur and speaker who helps change and improve lives. Find out how Mark Divine, a phenomenal motivational speaker, and retired Navy SEAL, is able to harness the power of the mind and use it to control the outcomes of your life. Tune in to uncover the ways that Mark  can lead you through self discovery and self mastery through his own personal journey and the essential lessons that he learned along the way.

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