Chapter 2: The Trap

Ed O'Keefe is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and father of seven. He is the CEO of Marine Essentials, a research based supplement and health education company with ingredients and formulations you can trust. Ed also founded Wake Up Foods, the world’s only allergen-free, 100% plant-based waffles that sacrifice neither flavor nor nutrition. 

Ed O’Keefe currently hosts the Wake Up Minute podcast, where he interviews top experts who encourage others to live healthy and fulfilling lives.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why the curriculum of life is actually holding you back
  • What does it really mean to “live, love, and leave a legacy?”
  • The most common traps that people experience, and what “time collapsers” do differently
  • Do good grades equal intelligence and success?
  • How the societal obligation trap starts at a young age, and why it is a “cancer to the spirit”
  • Parkinson’s Law and the time for money trap
  • Why “time collapsers” don’t wait for permission to get started

In this episode…

Many of us fall into a variety of different traps throughout our lives: the cycle of societal obligation and guilt, the limitations of equating time with money, and, most commonly, the misconception that in order to be successful, we must first pay our dues. 

According to  Ed O'Keefe, best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, these traps are detrimental to success. In Chapter 2 of his book, Time Collapsing, Ed provides exercises and examples to help you break free from the traps that may be standing in your way and start living like a “time collapser.”

In this episode,  Ed O'Keefe, CEO of Marine Essentials and founder of Wake Up Foods, discusses the common traps that hinder us from living our happiest and most successful lives. Ed explains how societal pressures can misguide us on our path to success, why a flexible mindset is better than perfectionist one, and the reason “time collapsers” don’t wait for permission to get started. Stay tuned.

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