Forging Mental Awareness with Chriss Smith Jr., Founder and Co-owner of Trident Athletics

Chriss Smith Jr. is a life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, and retired Navy SEAL with over 12 years of experience in the SEAL Teams and other Special Operations units. He is the Founder and Co-owner of Trident Athletics, one of the largest CrossFit gyms in the nation. Chriss has worked with countless professionals, first responders, industrial athletes, and military forces to build both physical and mental toughness in their jobs and everyday lives. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 


  • Chriss Smith Jr. discusses his transition from an engineer to a Navy SEAL
  • Chriss’ life-altering experience during BUD/S training
  • The importance of developing mental toughness in the face of failure
  • The current racial turmoil in the CrossFit community and Chriss’ thoughts on the future
  • Chriss recalls a moment during a recent trip to the grocery store that made him think about privilege and responsibility
  • What does change really look like, and what impact do you want to make in your community? 
  • Ed and Chriss stress the importance of proper training, support, and protection in order to produce real results
  • Chriss breaks down the mindset of mentally tough warriors versus the mindset of quitters
  • The exhilarating training experiences that Chriss teaches at Spartan Seven

In this episode…


You're on the last leg of a marathon, and the fatigue starts to set in. Thoughts of quitting begin to race through your mind, but you don’t want to let your team down. Do you grit your teeth and walk to the finish line, or do you give in and say better luck next time? 


Chriss Smith Jr. has been faced with the decision to give up or forge ahead many times in his career as a Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and CrossFit trainer. However, he learned the value of mental toughness at the start of his SEAL training, and since then he has applied this mindset to every challenge that has come his way. Now, Chriss passes this mental resilience on to his clients in order to help them achieve peak physical and mental prowess. 


In this week's episode of the Wake Up Minute Podcast, host Ed O'Keefe interviews Chriss Smith Jr., Founder and Co-owner of Trident Athletics, about the importance of training and support when developing your mind and body. Chriss discusses the lessons he learned as a Navy SEAL, the importance of mental toughness when faced with a challenge, and his thoughts on race, privilege, and real change. Stay tuned.


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