Living with The Monks Part 1 with Jesse Itzler, Founder of The 100 Mile Group

Jess Itzier

Jesse Itzler is an avid seeker of enlightenment and thinking outside of the box. As an entrepreneur, he has been a part of the creation and development of numerous companies such as Zico, Marquis Jet, and Alphabet City. He is the author of Living with a SEAL and Living with The Monks, two exceptional books on development and spiritual acceptance and growth. His tenacious energy growth and adventure continues to inspire those around him to surpass their mental and physical limits. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jesse Itzler talks about his first time climbing a mountain and how it helped him answer and define what purpose is
  • The importance of establishing a better relationship with time 
  • How are you wasting your energy in the decision-making process?
  • Stepping back and learning from a different perspective
  • How distancing yourself from things that consume time and energy can be a learning experience 
  • Jesse’s most important lessons from the monastery and why he decided it was time to go
  • Jesse explains why you are the limit you impose upon yourself
  • How to weigh opportunities and spend your time wisely
  • Why we need to focus on what is truly important to us
  • The value of people who are willing to stick with us through the difficult times
  • The power and importance of being part of a community


In this episode…

Silence is golden; often, it is also healing. Taking the time to quiet our minds and our surroundings can open us not only to other aspects of ourselves, but to the realities that we often overlook because of our hectic schedules. Jesse Itzler, founder of The 100 Mile Group, spent 15 days with monks without his family and without the common distractions of the modern times and it granted him an incredible experience. He was able to step back and reevaluate the things and people who were important to him. 

Join Ed O'Keefe in this episode of Wake Up Minute as he talks with his friend and mentor, Jesse Itzler, about his time with the monks and how it helped him see his life and everything in it in a different perspective. In this insightful episode, they will be talking about the importance of taking the time for peace and quiet, reevaluating the things that you are spending your time and energy on,the definition of purpose, and the true value of community, happiness, and opportunities. Stay tuned.

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