Living with The Monks Part 2 with Jesse Itzler, Founder of The 100 Mile Group

Jess Itzier

Jesse Itzler is the author of Living with The Monks, a book that captures the essence of the 15 days he spent with monks and the lessons he learned during his time at the monastery. Jesse is also an entrepreneur, a musician, an athlete, a husband, and a father to four beautiful children. For the last two decades, he has helped develop numerous companies such as The 100 Mile Group, Marquis Jet, Alphabet City, and Zico, while creating events to help others test and push their physical and mental capacity.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How do you create balance in your life?
  • The benefits of separating your life into categories
  • What will your wealth do for you?
  • The art of emails and how it can open doors for you


In this episode…

Time is one of the few things we can't buy. Once yesterday is gone, we have to move on to today, whether we want or not. There is beauty to be found in your life when you are in control of your time, and there is treasure to be found in people who are willing to struggle and grow with you. The amount of trust and encouragement that is built within your community enables every member to grow and flourish, and for Jesse Itzler, the author of Living with the Monks, taking some time out of your life to reevaluate the things and people you have in your life is not just important -- it can be life changing.

Join Ed O'Keefe in this episode of Wake Up Minute as he talks with his friend and mentor, Jesse Itzler, as they talk about the importance of time management and creating an environment built on giving and community. Find out what Jesse’s principles are and how he aims to inspire others to pursue their goals. Stay Tuned

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