The Power of Pure Determination with Jesse Itzler, Founder of The 100 Mile Group

Jess ItzierJesse Itzler is an entrepreneur, an author of several books, a musician, an athlete, and owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Jesse has lived outside the box of nonconformity for the past three decades: creating music for the NBA, finding The 100 Mile Group, and contributing his time and effort to charities. He and his wife, Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, have funded many entrepreneurial start-ups and built a community on health and business. 

Jesse was the founder of Marquis Jets which he eventually sold to Warren Buffet. He continues to inspire others with his words and deeds as he continues to challenge himself and challenge others to test their mental and physical limits.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jesse describes meeting David Goggins and how he convinced him to join him in his home
  • What consistent discipline do for you
  • How being stuck with a routine can hinder your growth
  • Can you forge grit and mental toughness?
  • At what point in your journey does your mind begin to shift?
  • The workouts that tested Jesse the most mentally
  • Jesse talks about meeting and bonding with Kevin Garnett
  • The importance of having a relationship with your health
  • The advise Jesse gave David on launching his business
  • What does it take to be successful?
  • The importance of leveraging on the network you build based on trust
  • Why you need to realize your purpose and embrace it


In this episode…

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing, and once we have control over it, we can do amazing things. Every person has their own sets of trials and challenges and having the ability to overcome these and taking control over your life is arguably one of the most sought-after and most rewarding achievements that any person can have. And retired Navy SEAL David Goggins not only transformed his life by overcoming his own mind, but he was also able to help others do the same.

Join Ed O'Keefe in this episode of Wake Up Minute as he talks to  David Goggins about how he transformed himself to become who he is today and why he runs in support of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Tune in as they talk about pushing beyond your limits, overcoming challenges and personal roadblocks, the value of internalization and dissociation from negativity, and find out why you are your own biggest enemy and what you can do to change that.


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