The Story Behind CHIPSA Hospital, United Cancer Centers Of America, and Seeking a Cure For Cancer, with Ed Clay, President of CHIPSA Hospital

Ed Clay is the CEO of the CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. He owns and manages the hospital together with his partners, Scott Nelson and Deddrick Perry. He is also currently the President of the UCC (United Cancer Centers), where he aims to help end-stage cancer patients get access to a combination of alternative and conventional treatments. 

Ed is also a former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter who ranked 9th in the world.with the highest rank of 9th in the world. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Easy Pay Direct helps CBD businesses with better banking and processing
  • Ed Clay talks about CHIPSA hospital and their process of recruiting top scientists and researchers
  • Ed explains his dedication to giving patients the "right to try"
  • Vinnie Fisher of Fully Accountable talks about the value of relationships and the importance of ignoring the noise
  • Why more choices do not equal more conversions and why it’s important to know your client 
  • Mandy Podlesny talks about how to build communities by leveraging content and viral stories
  • How the keto diet changed the life of Mandy Podlesny 
  • Bryan and Katie Harney, Owners of Southside Knockout, shares why they created a more sustainable health program
  • How stepping out of your ego can benefit your business and why you need to determine and improve on what works in your industry
  • Rome Za, Co-founder of Dr. Ian Stern and Dreamlife Alliance gives an overview of his business and career learnings
  • Rome’s 15 key points that can boost results from marketing efforts
  • How making a product that adds value to a person's life can get you a better conversion rates


In this episode…

Have you ever wanted to change the way you do business? It’s every entrepreneur’s goal to see their numbers go up and have a widespread reach. And while it’s not impossible, it relies heavily on your marketing strategy and your metric system which helps you track your margins and numbers to help you optimize what you have. Now, what if you can listen to various marketing experts in diverse fields talk about what works and what doesn’t work?

Ed O'Keefe,  founder of Wake Up Foods and motivational speaker, bought together a panel of diverse individuals from different industries to talk about how they used their marketing to connect with their customers and grow their business. Each panelist shares their story of success, the struggles that came with it, and their insightful lessons that any entrepreneur needs to hear to keep them motivated and inspired.

In this week’s episode of Wake Up Minute, Ed O'Keefe has invited a panel of outstanding individuals to talk about how they launched, marketed, and grew their business. Listen to the likes of Ed Clay of CHIPSA Hospital, Vinnie Fisher of Fully Accountable, Rome Za of Dream Alliance, and Katie and Bryan Harney of Southside Knockout as they share how they leveraged marketing to their advantage and their top tips for getting your business off the ground and running towards success. Stay tuned.

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