Raising 7 Kids and Launching Wake UP Foods with Founder/CEO Ed O’Keefe

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ed O’keefe recalls what it was like growing up in a big family and how it inspired Wake Up Foods
  • The benefits of the ingredients that make up Wake Up Food’s ready-to-eat waffles
  • How Ed’s mornings look like raising seven kids
  • The idea behind the Wakeup Foods brand and its mission
  • Ed talks about how he met Jesse Itzler and Chef Erik Walum, and their contributions to Wake Up Foods brand
  • Ed shares why he decided to go with ready-made waffles
  • People and knowledge resources that influenced Ed In this episode…


Having grown up in a big family and having a big family of his own, it would have been easy for Ed O’keefe to just fall into the trap of just giving kids what’s available. But he wanted his kids to enjoy food that didn’t just taste good, he wanted them to enjoy food that offered health benefits as well and that’s why he came up with Wake Up Foods. Ed O’keefe is the Founder of Wake Up Foods, a company that produces 100% plant-based, allergen-free waffles that sacrificed neither taste nor health benefits.


Tune in to this episode of InspiredInsider where host Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks to Ed about his life growing up in a big family and his life now as a father to seven kids. Ed shares what prompted him to create Wake Up Foods, what sets his products apart from other food items, and the people who helped shape and influence the way he saw food and the need to have healthy options.




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