When Violence is the Answer, with Tim Larkin, Founder of Target Focus Training

Tim Larkin is the founder of Target Focus Training, a powerful self-defense program that teaches its students how to stop any attacker dead in their tracks. Tim is a former military intelligence officer with over 25 years of experience training Special Operations personnel for close combat. He has worked with over 10,000 clients, from military officials to everyday civilians, and is also the author of the book When Violence is the Answer.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Tim Larkin’s background and how he first learned about self defense
  • How an injury changed Tim’s mindset about weakness in the human body 
  • The approach behind Tim’s self-defense program, Target Focus Training
  • Tim discusses how his program teaches people how to react to asocial situations, when violence is imminent
  • Why the study of violence should be de-stigmatized for everyday people
  • How Tim learned about asocial violent behavior by studying prison gangs
  • The importance of slow, deliberate training
  • Tim explains the moment when he realized that his training worked
  • When should you start teaching your children about how to differentiate between safe and dangerous situations?
  • Where to learn more about Tim Larkin and Target Focus Training

In this episode…

Are you prepared for unprovoked, unavoidable violence that could lead to your demise? While most of us see violence as something that can be easily avoided in social situations, Tim Larkin wants you to be ready for any violent circumstance. He created his training program to teach people how to react to asocial violence, so that they can come out the other side smarter and more durable than ever. 

In this episode of Wake Up Minute Podcast, host Ed O'Keefe talks with Tim Larkin, former military intelligence officer and founder of Target Focus Training, about developing the right mindset for responding to violence. Tim dives into his background with self defense and combat, why he believes in slow, deliberate training, and how to prepare your children for threatening situations. Stay tuned. 


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