Super Greens & Reds + 3 Day Detox (Normally $19-FREE)

Wake Up Foods

Super Reds & Greens Combination is a powerfully delicious antioxidant "superfood drink" that can help...

  • Fight free radical damage for improved skin elasticity
  • Reduce symptoms of premature aging
  • Increase "metabolic rate" for a slimmer figure
  • Boost mental and body energy that lasts all day
  • Stimulate "fast acting" brain functions
  • Lessen uncomfortable joint aches and pains

Perfect before or after a workout session, Plant Based Super Reds & Greens are the ULTIMATE superfood blend that combines the 3 most necessary energy and digestive blends: polyphenol, metabolic, and pre + pro-biotic.

Goes perfect with a smoothie or by itself with water! 

Perfect energy boost, focus boost, immunity, and gut health for kids & adults!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

100% “You Just Can’t Have One!” Guarantee!

"If you aren't absolutely blown away... and obsessed for wanting more, then it's free!"

- Ed O'Keefe

Founder | Father Of Seven